The Phenomenological Reduction: An Elder Has Reposed



From Pravoslavie

Here was peaceful and quiet joy, and a feeling of the fullness of life. As always around Fr. Kirill, all worldly troubles, anxiety, and doubts faded, contradictory thoughts fell silent, and the very essence of life was laid bare. In the language of philosophy this is called “phenomenological reduction:” everything is temporal, mutable, and transitory, and relatively diminished to nothing in value, only the soul remaining, standing before God Who created it. I first went to see Fr. Kirill not long after my Baptism, when I had a spiritual father…

…I went in to see the elder. And here was the look of love, the ground of love, the energy of love, the joy of love, the agony of love… I began to cry… And that’s how it always was then when I would see Fr. Kirill—tears would involuntarily appear, flowing inexplicably—from repentance, from jubilation, from tenderness, from the feeling of the fullness of life, and from the feeling that the “the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Whether I caught sight of Fr. Kirill in the altar at the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Peredelkino, or went to him for Confession, or was standing by his sickbed, this emotional and spiritual upheaval and catharsis always happened to me….

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