ark of salvation

Met. Ambrose of Kalavryta of the Greek Orthodox Church has sent an open letter to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew concerning last year’s council on Crete, the main points of which have been published on AgionOros.

The metropolitan opens the letter reporting on “the deep sorrow and astonishment” he felt when he learned that the patriarch had called him out in a letter to Greek primate Archbishop Ieronymos, calling for him to “protect” the Church from “the radical opinions of the metropolitans of Kalavryta and Piraeus.”

The prelate stressed that such a letter could be considered a canonical violation and an “attempt to implement a primacy of authority in relation to the brother Local Churches,” although, in fact, the patriarch of Constantinople has the “primacy of honor, not of authority and worth.”

In his view, the main result of the “notorious” Crete Council, which was neither holy nor great in his estimation, is that the Orthodox Church has divided into factions, and the Christian flock has been brought to confusion and turmoil. “In fact, a new schism is developing,” Met. Ambrose writes.

See entire article here.


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