On the Anniversary of the Tragic ‘Revolution’ in Russia



Today (March 2/15, 2017) marks the cen­ten­ni­al of the forced abdi­ca­tion of the Divine­ly anoint­ed Tsar Nicholas II and the demise of the Rus­sian empire. Below we share with our read­ers the epistle of the Syn­od of Bish­ops of the Rus­sian Ortho­dox Church Abroad mark­ing this trag­ic date. Through the prayers of His Most-Holy Moth­er, of the Holy Roy­al Mar­tyrs, and of all the New Mar­tyrs and Con­fes­sors of Rus­sia, may the Lord God con­tin­ue to pre­serve the Rus­sian land in its redis­cov­ery and reestab­lish­ment of the Holy Ortho­dox Faith among the peo­ple!

This year the entire world, espe­cial­ly we all, remem­ber the great tragedy of the 20th cen­tu­ry which dis­rupt­ed the fates of mil­lions of peo­ple. This calami­ty lit­er­al­ly touched the lives of every Rus­sian fam­i­ly, wherever they may have been. We remem­ber now the hun­dredth anniver­sary of the bloody and destruc­tive rev­o­lu­tion in Rus­sia. As a result of the government’s and mil­i­tary leadership’s betray­al, the Tsar was forced to abdi­cate the throne, lead­ing to unavoid­able con­se­quences: the demise of the state, the mar­tyric death of the Tsar him­self and of his Most August Fam­i­ly, the bru­tal internecine war, and the per­se­cu­tion of the Ortho­dox Church and of faith in God as nev­er before seen in Rus­sia…

See full article here: http://orthodoxlife.org/epistles/synod-anniversary-revolution-russia/



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