Apples from Heaven



Euphrosynos was the son of country folk, so poor and obscure as to be nameless. His family was poorer than the mice that lived in the empty little chapels in the countryside. The parents could scarcely feed, clothe and house their children. Euphrosynos never went to school. He never learned to read or write. To the end of his life he remained an unlettered man, a simple soul.

While Euphrosynos was still a lad, poverty drove him away from his native village and his parents’ roof. Cold, friendless and hungry, the poor boy drifted from place to place. From village to village, Euphrosynos wandered about, begging for a piece of bread to keep himself alive. His family never saw him again.

Euphrosynos, the scorned, unlettered cook, was revealed to be God’s friend and lord of paradise. And they, his brother monks, had laughed at him for years and never known him. Pride had blinded their hearts and they had failed to recognize the saint who toiled in the smoky kitchen. Now a miracle had brought to light Euphrosynos’ holiness, the purity of his spirit.

Read of his life, and in particular his glorious visit to Paradise, here.


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